Frequently Asked Questions FAQ


Can I use the Fluffo panels as bed headboards? Will pressing on the panels with head or pillow deform the panels, or cause the Fluffo finish to rub off?
Yes, our panels have been used to create headboards. There haven’t been any complaints regarding disfiguration or abrasion. Our panels make beautiful and unique headboards.
Can I mount the panels on the wall surrounding a TV? Will the warmth secreted from the TV damage the panels?
The heat of the TV should not cause damage to the panels, new generation TV’s do not emit as much heat as the old CRT TVs did.
Can I install the panels close to a heater?
Due to the fact that there is an increased circulation of hot air around the working heater, which carries a lot of dust with it, we do not recommend to mount our panels in the vicinity of heating sources; the panels will get dirty very fast.
Can I mount those panels on a fireplace?
We do not advise to mount our panels on fireplaces; they do not withstand high temperatures.
Can we mount the Fluffo panels in a steam spa (temperature up to 60C, humidity up to 100%) or dry sauna (temperature up to 90C)?
Unfortunately, our panels will not be a good choice for this type of interior. Our panels are produced from an open cell material and the water vapour will easily penetrate them. Panels could be installed in large bathrooms where there is sufficient ventilation and the vapour is limited.


Will the acoustic panels mounted on the wall or ceiling improve sound insulation?
Sound absorbent panels will not greatly correct the sound insulation of a surface. Sound absorbent materials do not reverberate air-borne sound. Some of the sound wave energy falling on such material is transformed into thermal energy within it but vast part of the waves penetrates through the material. Sound insulation materials prevent the sound waves from penetrating them, but typically those materials are not sound absorbent and do not correct the reverberation within the interior. The essence of sound absorption is the reduction of sound reflecting off hard surfaces.

Our panels absorb sound created within the interior, but unfortunately will not block the sound transmitted from the outside.
I have a problem with my next-doorneighbour, who is very noisy during the night. Will the panels help? Should I cover the whole wall or only a part of it?
Our panels soundproof the interior meaning they absorb the sound within the space, they are not a sound insulation material and that is what you would need. Our panels could help a little but the effect might not be satisfactory.
Can I install Fluffo panels on doors, and will they have a sound insulating effect?
Our Fluffo panels can be installed on most surfaces doors included; however, you will not insulate the noise coming from the outside. Our panels absorb sound but do not constitute a sound barrier; you will still hear the sounds from the staircase.
What kinds of materials have the sound absorbent properties?
All materials absorb or reflect sound waves to some extent. Soft and porous materials absorb sound very well. In order to test if a material is sound absorbent blow air into the material. Materials that are smooth and hard absorb sound very poorly.
What do the sound absorption coefficients indicate?
The sound absorption coefficients indicate the degree to which the sound is absorbed by the given material. For example, coefficient of 0,9 indicates that 90% of the acoustic wave are absorbed by the given material and only 10% of the waves are reflected off it.
What are the sound absorption classes?
A - material with best sound absorption




E - material with worst sound absorption


Do you sell Fluffo panels solely in sets? When ordering one stencil in several colours is there a possibility to purchase 1 grey and 3 green panels etc.?
The panels are produced exclusively to order. We will produce the exact number of panels needed. You are free to choose the thickness (soft, flat panels) as well as the colours from our 52-colour palette. The number of different soft panel thicknesses or colours in one order does not influence their unit price. Panels are sold in units.


Should I prepare the wall surface in any special way before installation of the Fluffo panels?
There is no need for special wall preparation before panel installation. Just make sure that the wall is relatively even and free of dust. Our Fluffo Fix adhesive contains a special primer agent, which will easily penetrate all wall surfaces.
We only have bare plaster on our walls, should we paint the walls before installation of the panels?
Fluffo panels can be installed directly on plaster (should you want to cover the whole wall), our panels should be installed at the end of the refurbishment when everything is clean and dust free, you should not paint walls after you install our panels - you might ruin the panels.
How do I install and dismantle the panels?
The installation of Fluffo soft wall panels is very easy, quick and clean.

You can do it yourself with no problem. We always enclose the installation instruction with each shipment. In Warsaw, there is the possibility to order Fluffo panels with installation service. You will find the mounting instruction on our site:

The dismantling of the panels is a bit more cumbersome, due to the fact that the adhesive penetrates the wall and after the panels are removed the wall requires grinding and painting.
Can I dismantle the panels off the wall and glue them back after some time?
In order to detach a panel from the wall and reuse it somewhere else you need to cut the panel carefully from the wall, the adhesive, however, will remain on the wall and you will need to scrape or grind it off.
Is it possible to dismantle the panel from the wall without destroying it (for ex. before painting)?
You can dismantle the panels; however, you need to take care not to rip them off the wall, the adhesive holds firmly and it can come off with the paint coat or pieces of the foam. We recommend to cut the panels off the wall.


Fluffo panels directions for use.
The panels should not be exposed to direct, intense sun light. After some time in such conditions colours might fade and discolorations may appear.

The panels should be mounted away from open flame, sparks and other heat sources for example electric heaters.

The panels should not be installed in venues with high humidity due to the retentive nature of the foam they are made of.

The foam may react with strong oxidizing agents (strong acids).

Be careful not to damage the panels with sharp objects, edges or corners of furniture.

Avoid staining the panels.

The panels should be installed out of reach of pets – the foam is not intended for consumption.
How to keep Fluffo panels clean? Can they be vacuumed? Can they be washed?
Fluffo soft wall panels maintenance of cleanliness is simple and efficient. The Fluffo finish covering the panels is antistatic and does not attract dust. However, it can still settle on the panels, just like on any furniture. To remove dust, treat the panels the way you would a velour sofa – use a vacuum.

In order to remove dust, use a vacuum cleaner with a standard brush for upholstered furniture. Lightweight stains can be removed with a slightly moistened soft sponge, to remove stubborn or greasy stains use a soft sponge and diluted detergent (washing-up liquid).

You can also refresh panels. Before you proceed vacuum the surface thoroughly, then spray it with a light water-mist. After 2 minutes wipe the panels with a dry sponge.
Do the panels get dusty?
In spite of all appearances – no. The panels are antistatic; thus, dust does not gather o the vertical surfaces of the panels. However, it can settle on the horizonal surfaces sticking out beyond the line of the adjacent panels, just like on any furniture. From time to time they could use vacuuming.
Can the panels be installed in a child’s bedroom?
Yes. The panels have the hygiene certificate and can be installed in rooms dedicated to children. Many of our clients installed our panels in the bedrooms of their little ones and they are satisfied.
I have an allergy, is installing the panels a good idea?
This question is similar to "I have allergies, can I have upholstered furniture in the house?”. Our panels for certain do not release dust, or any harmful substances or odours. With proper care (regular vacuuming) of the panels they should not be a problem for allergy sufferers. They are safe to be used at home, this fact is attested by the Hygienic certificate no HK/B/0214/01/2014 issued by the National Institute of Public Health - National Institute of Hygienein Warsaw.
Do you recommend any particular products for upholstery cleaning for example those for car seats?
We do not recommend the strong chemical products for upholstery cleaning. Lightweight stains can be removed with a soft sponge slightly moistened with diluted detergent (for example washing-up liquid). Prior to cleaning please vacuum the panel surface. Whencleaning please wipe the whole panel surface, so that you don’t leave rubbing traces in one spot.
Can I use your panel as a seat cushion?
We’ve tested our panels as seat cushions and the answer is – yes, but with few restrictions”. We sat on a panel for a month, 8h a day. After such long crushing the panel was flattened and the Fluff finish looked “tired”, however, after a number of minutes the foam, of which the panel is produced, came back to its original state together with the Fluffo finish. Please take care not to rip the panel with a pocket zipper. Apart from that,our panels as seat cushions work quiet well and are surprisingly durable.
How do your products oxidize? Are there colours especially sensitive to this process?
The oxidation process is not visible.The Fluffo finish layer is so thick, that the sun rays penetrate it to a very small extent.In addition, the adhesive used to attach the Fluffo finish to the panel surface protects the foam. Despite all this we do not recommend placing panels in direct sun light.
Can a damaged panel be fixed?
Unfortunately, if there is a hole in the panel (for example someone chipped a part of it away) filling it is impossible. Should the chip be very visible you can touch it up with a marker in the same colour. It will make it less visible. A rip in a panel can be glued together with any flexible adhesive.The panel is not suitable for repainting or colouring.
Can I lean against the panels?
Yes. The panels are resistant to pressure and can be used as bed headboards or seat backrests.


Does Fluffo plan to add a white colour to its colour palette or any other very light shade?

We do not plan to reinstate the white colour in our palette for two reasons:

First: thewhite colour was bright white and it was very difficult to keep it fresh;

Second: the white colour was unstable, the bright white after some time turned cream, which was due to the natural oxidation process of the foam the panels are made of.

The lightest colours in our palette are oxidised silver, oyster, butter – they have the shades of their parent colours (grey, brown, yellow) – in comparison with other colours they are very light.

Is there a possibility to order panels in colours matching exactly the RAL or NCS palettes?
Most of the Fluffo colours are melanges, which were created by blending the basic colours. They do not have a homogenous colour structure; theirmelangecharacter is visible when looking at them closely. We can try to come close to the required RAL or NCS colour but we will never be able to faithfully reproduce it.
Can I paint the panels in order to change their colour to a different one?
Our panels are covered with a ready finish, which is velvety to the touch, and comes in 52 colours – they are not fit for painting.


Can a child rip a panel with their hands?
Despite of their softness, Fluffo panels are sturdy, strong and durable. It will be difficult for a child to rip off a part of a panel; the child would have to work at it for a long time. Our experience is that children touch and cuddle to the panels rather than destroy them. In an extreme situation when the panel is damaged with a sharp object a single panel can be easily replaced with a new one. Unfortunately, when it comes to kids there is always a risk.
Can children damage the panels by picking at the foam?
Children are able to destroy anything, our panels included. The polyurethane foam is not pick resistant. In the past we’ve had instances where we had exchanged damaged panels in the showrooms of our distributors, due to kids testing our panels for pick resistance. The ripping of the panels is not as easy as ripping cotton, however, it is possible when using a lot of strength; panels made of foam are not as durable as those upholstered ones.


Does cat + Fluffo = disaster?
If the cat loves to scratch various textures then Fluffo will not withstand its advances for very long. Our panels are sturdy but will not win with claws or teeth. The only solution is to mount the panels out of reach.


Can we use your panels in public spaces for example offices?
Our soft panels can be applied in all interiors which do not require fire retardant materials. On September 1st, 2016 we have launched our new Fluffo Office line, which offers fire retardant wall panels (class D-s1, d0 according to PN-EN 13501 norm). Please visit our web page where you can find detailed information about our new product line.